COVID-19, You are Cancelled.

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Here it goes, my first "blog" post. I should start by saying that this is a space where I will share what is happening in my studio and discussing Art-Mom-Life. It might spiral into my love for things outside of the "Art-World" (*cough, CrossFit, cough, cooking*) but I will try to keep it under control.

COVID-19, aka "Rona", aka "Corona Virus" is taking over the world right now. We are all in self-quarantine mode and practicing some serious social distancing. I don't need to go into the details because Rona has already taken over everyone's news feeds, stories, emails, texts, phone calls, brains and life as we know it.

What I will tell you is that Rona ruined my first appearance at Superfine Art Fair. I was supposed to show at their event this April and obviously it was cancelled. This is and was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. I have been painting several hours a night, every night, even after working as a graphic designer all day to get paintings ready for this show for the past six months.

I am in no way upset with Superfine, they have postponed the show until next April, 2021. Cancellation was absolutely necessary for them and all other events right now. I am just super bummed I won't be able to show my paintings to the world outside of my studio. And truth be told, I thought I would sell some paintings. BUT, this has motivated me to re-do my entire website and set up an official shop for potential buyers and collectors. I am really excited about this process and can't wait to keep posting more updates as my shop and art practice grows.

Stay Tuned!

Photo above of "Pinterest River and Sunny Sun" in progress in my home studio. Available for purchase here.

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